What are the requirements to cast a successful love spell?

requirements for a love spells

Date of birth

The date of birth is required by Dr Billy to track when and cleanse your spiritual path for all the years that you have lived so that he paves way for the fresh energies that are bringing results resolving your current love problems. Hence also customizing you is the spell for you depending on what star sign you are.


When Dr Billy asks for your names in most cases he is more focused on your surname or your maiden name because so many people are suffering from generation to generation because a curse follows them through the names of their families. However to start a spell there must not be any curse therefore if it’s there it has to be removed first before anything else.

Pictures for your palms

These are required from both your right hand and left hand so as to read your patterns and know your future so that he can give you a reliable solution for the problem at hand and also to make sure that what you want lasts for you even the future.

Picture of you and your partner  

Just to make sure that he sees how your attracts the different energies from the universe


Author: DR BILLY