Type of spell casters

spell casters

Spell caster is an individual who casts a spell. A spell caster can also be known as a magician being a practitioner of magic as portrayed in the works of fiction. A spell caster is can also be known as a wizard with the ability to cast spells.

There are various types of spell casters that include the following:

  1. Black magic spell casters

Black magic spell casters are spell casters that use the power of dark magic to perform spells or practice magic in the favour of others. Black magic spell casters are known for doing powerful revenge spells and spells that punish others.

  • Witchcraft spell casters

Witchcraft spell casters are almost similar to black magic spell casters depending on what culture you are coming from. Witchcraft spell casters are also known for revenge spells and aswell doing spells that force a will of an individual or change what you have and get what you have beyond the will of the universe.

  • Voodoo magic spell casters

Voodoo magic spell casters are the ones with expertise of using dolls associated with practicing voodoo magic. A voodoo magic spell caster can do all kinds of magic with those physical dolls it’s just a matter of balancing energies while practicing the voodoo magic.

  • African magic spell casters

African magic spell casters are the experts of African magic which is normally practiced with ancestral spirits and use of local herbs or materials. It’s only in Africa that you can find a herbal or local medicine that can heal or do miracles. It’s an Africa where you can plant a herb to attract wealth, blessings and also sweep away bad luck from someone’s life.

  • White magic spell casters

White magic spell casters are spell casters that cast spells with good will in the light. Its only through white magic spell casters that you can overcome witchcraft, bad luck and so on and so fourth. A white magic spell caster casts spells with in a will of another for instance you can bring back a lost lover who wants you back as well but if he or she moved on and doesn’t want you back then you consider requesting for a black magic spell caster.

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Author: DR BILLY