Protection spells

Protection spells

Protection spells can be used for offensive reasons and it is often these spells that are the most publicized and often the most impressive. However, magic can equally be used for protection purposes and to defend yourself as well from those who want to harm you. Protection spells are more complex and require a higher level of concentration than those used for offence. But they are ultimately more rewarding.

With a protection spell you are not just limited to helping yourself but also can be pushed out in order to add a level of protection to anyone else of your choice.

The following are some of the protection spells that are cast by Dr Billy

  • Spell to protect an object
  • Spell to protect a loved one
  • Home protection spell
  • Pet protection spell
  • Health protection spell
  • Car protection spell
  • Pregnancy protection spell
  • Breaking a spell
  • Curse protection spell
  • Business protection spell
  • Customised protection spell to protect a thief

How a protection spell is cast

Casting a protection spell differs from the kind of protection spell that you are casting. Because every spell has its own details and procedures when casting it.

Step 1: Identify what you want to be protected from

It’s very important for you to know exactly what you want the spell caster to protect you from otherwise if you don’t then it will be very difficult to determine what protection spell is necessary for your life. I.e. you can request this spell to protect yourself from mental breaks, black magic, or emotional trauma etc.

Step 2: Recite the issue out loud

You ought to talk out the issue loudly with all its history in detail to help outline the original cause of the negativity of the issue. This makes it easier to identify the cause so that you can be effectively protected.

Step 3: Meditate

You also need to meditate around that problem that is haunting on you. meditation will help to clear all the negative feelings from your mind and also clear your brain in order to let you concentrate more on performing the spell.

Step 3: set up a candle or herbs

Burning a candle or herbs creates a scent. That scent forms a protective bubble around you and calls on that whenever you feel threatened. Herbs can also be added to a warm bath in order to clear your head by relaxing in the warm water

Free protection spell to protect your house

You have to burn sage and then walk through every word in your house, chanting an incantation. This is to add a level of protection or shield to your residence which ensures that your house serves as the kind of safe haven that it should be.

It’s important to note that any of the incantations connected with protection spells use words that are empowering and positive as these will add more power and a higher level of protection to the spell. if you use a negative language the spell will weaken its powers to protect you. alternatively using negative language against the person you are protecting form introduces malice into the spell which cannot turn out well.

For this spell to work effectively you will also need to have a focused mind similarly just like any other kind of spell would work? So all your thoughts should only be clearly focused on what you want the spell to help you do or fix.

In summary, if protection spells are cast properly they can work to keep you safe and avoid negative energies which make them perfect for all those that want to practice magic to use.

Commonly requested protection spells include the following

Pregnancy protection spell

This is a spell to be cast by pregnant women or you can also cast it for a pregnant woman. But before casting this spell you need to know that you are medically healthy. Endeavour to keep all your appointments and do not do any activities that may threaten the well being of the child. This is a very powerful spell to protect the unborn the fact that there is no force stronger than the mother’s natural love for the child makes this spell stronger. So don’t let anyone curse you to always have miscarriages because you now know you can protect yourself.

Break a spell

You can effectively use this spell to break a spell that you cast or on that were cast on you. Break a spell reverses all the energies of a spell and completely clears your spiritual path to renew your spiritual foundation. This spell is also well mastered by Billy to remove any kind of curse that you might have placed on yourself or one that someone else might have placed on you.

Benefits of breaking a spell

Breaking a spell works by removing all bad energies within your spiritual path and allowing all the positive and good forces to open and cleanse or purify all your senses. This makes you feel lighter both spiritually and physically since all the energies have been expelled from your spiritual path and body.

Home blessings protection spells

The rituals that are used in this kind of spell are traced from the indigenous people of North America. Home blessings protection spells are effectively done during the full moon. If it’s not the time for the full moon then still Billy can use his powerful white or black magic.

Benefits of a home blessing protection spell

This spell has very powerful forces that can not only bless your home but also protect it from evil, flooding, burglary, fire and demolition. Casting this spell gives you the liberty to enjoy your living in your home and also gives you the feeling that you are fully protected from harm and evil. This spell puts a magical shield that is bound to last forever.

Pet protection spell

If you worry or care about your pet you can cast this pet protection spell for its well-being.

Benefit of a pet protection spell

Pet protection spell will allow you to protect your pet and to help them live a long life with you. the fact that you can never be always present to ensure safety for your pet this spell will help you to add another layer of protection to their lives showing them just how much you care. This spell can be cast for any kind of pet in your life.

Evil eye, jinx and curse protection

If you want to protect yourself from the evil eye, jinxes and curses you need to summon Billy you get yourself a small charm called mojo bag that you will always carry by yourself everywhere you go. Billy puts herbs and other spelt objects into this bag then sow such that you keep it with you. It’s very small actually it’s even smaller than a wallet it’s like the size of a credit card.

Car or boat protection spells

We all know dragons as an ancient mythical animal that is a symbol of protection. A dragon breathes fire and smoke just like vehicles do. Hence it’s an apt symbol for protection during travel. I strongly recommend you to use this car spell to protect your car or boat from all kinds of harm such as theft, accidents etc. using this spell will mean that you will never have to worry again about anything bad or harmful that might happen to your car or boat leaving you free to enjoy them. This spell only lasts for as long as you own the car meaning you bought and it’s yours whoever uses it will always be safe.

Home or house protection spells

Home or house protection spell is to protect your home or house from any kind of negative energies and evil forces that might be sent to break your home down. With this spell, your house or home becomes a neutral ground for evil. Meaning no evil can harm you when you are home. Everything in the house gets peaceful with no bad dreams or nightmares. It’s much recommended for married couples with children in a house to protect them from enemies.

Benefits of a house protection spell

Your house will be a shield of protection from animals, demons, human beings, spirits or anything that could harm you. it works for houses and apartments. It also protects you from natural disasters like floods, fires, and other different misfortunes. It’s only with this spell that you can be able to sleep or rest peacefully under a shelter specifically a house.

Spell to protect a loved one

For this spell to protect a loved one, it magically creates a shield upon that person’s life and embraces him or her with luck in whatever risky work that person is involved. It’s an extremely powerful spell with both black and white magic balanced in a person’s life to ensure their safety where ever they go. If you want this person to be protected you should cast this spell without him or her knowing such that you leave the work for the gods. This spell is good for soldiers, policemen, thieves, robbers, assassins, smugglers, lawyers, people in war zones and so many others

Protection spells for an object

The metaphysical business of protecting an object really doesn’t depend on your ability to visualise energy and also positive results. Protection spells for an object mostly involve tracing the shape of the pointed pentagram over it to protect it from loss. This spell is perfect for those with treasures such gold, silver, diamonds etc no one can ever trace where you hide or keep them unless if you tell them.

 Health protection spell

Health protection spell is a spell that heals all kinds of disease that have failed you but you need to first seek medical attention and if it fails or they are not seeing what is troubling your health then you summon Billy to heal you from such diseases or possessions. This healing spell connects you to the spirits or gods to heal you.

Business protection spell

Business protection spell is a very good and perfect spell for business and businessmen originally from the Deep South and heart of new Orleans voodoo. This spell increases luck in your business in a competitive environment or economy. It also protects your business from the economic crisis as well as people from stealing your ideas or customers. This spell works through you who has cast it because you will be having excellent ideologies to manage a business that you have never seen before.

When to cast a business protection spell

Before you open your business to the public, use this business protection spell to ensure that you will enjoy all the success and prosperity that you deserve. However, you can also cast it after you have already started running your business. I recommend you to use this spell if you want to be a successful business man or woman if you want prosperity and financial success for you and your family. You can also use it to make sure that you get the respect in the business world. The beauty about this spell is that your family will enjoy the prosperity and respect that your business will earn. And business will still leave on even when you die.


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