origin of witchcraft

Origin of witchcraft

Witchcraft today is connected with religion, mythology and anthropology. Witchcraft is defined as the way people utilize magical or supernatural powers for their own purposes.  Some people use witchcraft for good or bad depending on what someone’s intentions are. We commonly regard to those that practice witchcraft as witches for example Dr Billy is a witch who has the experience and power to use magic do whatever you want. the origin of witchcraft is traced from the ancient times and therefore it has always been a belief up to present day. All cultures around the world used to use the supernatural and magical powers for many purposes. Witch craft in the ancient days was commonly practiced by old men and women unlike today. Witchcraft even up to today those that cast it or practice it as witches are fully respected in the community because they act as mediators between the unknown powers and the human beings. Rituals that were involved in the process were varied according to the beliefs of different cultures or communities.

Witchcraft in modern Europe

Witchcraft in the modern Europe has been popular during the time period between 14th and 18th century. The time when witchcraft was popular most people believed witchcraft was against Christianity and had to face consequences. This occurrence was common in the Germanic Europe under a theory called witch cult hypothesis. According to this theory witchcraft practices were considered to be an underlying pagan religion. Witch cult hypothesis became overwhelming during the 19th and 20th century.

Witchcraft in the Paleolithic period

According to the witchcraft scholars during the Paleolithic period the origin of witchcraft occurred about 40000yrs ago. They also state that there are so many differences that are in existence today than those that existed at that time. It has been discovered that the fertility goddess and hunter god were worshipped during that time. What led to this conclusion was the unearthing of certain cave paintings. This was the most important period in the origin of witchcraft and its evolution. In the ancient days witchcraft was the craft of wisdom because wise men by that time were assumed to be directly connected with nature and the forces of nature. These wise men were aware of the external natural forces that existed in the world because it was which they used to have knowledge of the various natural medicine types.

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Author: DR BILLY